The Bartender’s Cure Flatiron Books (2022)

Short Fiction

“Earthquake Whisky” – available in Glimmer Train, Issue #105 (2019)

Creative Nonfiction

“Nighthawks Down Under” – The Common Online (2016)

Bar Culture and Reviews

“The pandemic has taken a toll on the communities fostered by neighborhood bars” – The Counter (2021)

“Best Late Night Bars in Sydney” -GQ’s Travel & Eats (2017)

“The Best Bars in Copenhagen” – GQ’s Travel & Eats (2017)

“Amazing the Results that Acting Like a Human in a Tourist Bar Will Get You” – Roads & Kingdoms (2016)

“Drinking Vodka, Making Pisco” – Roads & Kingdoms (2016)

“Buenos Aires City and Bar Guide” – Difford’s Guide (2016)

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